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Our summer program offers free online tutoring, one hour per day, 3 times a week. Classes will be focused on advancing students for the upcoming school year. We are offering 3rd to 8th grade Math and English in small group settings of 2-4 students. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at virtualtutoringsf@gmail.com, and we look forward to working with your student!

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Classes Offered and Structure

As our program focuses on helping students with homework, that is most of the content our tutors will be drawing from. However, for our summer program where we do focus on teaching, this is what you can expect to see!

Elementary School English

Welcome to English! Students will work on reading comprehension, grammar and much more!

Elementary School Math

Welcome to arithmetic! From addition to division, to fractions and decimals, we'll be working with whole numbers to get the very foundations of math into your child's brain

Middle School English

Begin working on the fundamentals of analysis and writing. At the same time, improve your grammar skills by writing a narrative!

Middle School Math

In these classes, we continue to explore fractions and learn to interpret graphs and data. We begin to work with geometry and the very basics of Algebra.

Algebra 1

In Algebra 1, we give our students the key topics. From linear equations to the quadratic formula, we cover the material necessary to make your student comfortable in their high school math classes!

Parent Reviews

"Our tutor responds quick to any questions I as a parent may have. She is assertive and has great power point slides that provide sample math questions which make it fun and help my child feel engaged. Our tutor goes above and beyond and I'm happy that we are aligned on the same goals for my student!"

"My child is able to excel in math and get more practice with our tutor when she's unclear on topics from school."

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